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    Enamelled copper wire 2,00mm Grad 2 200°C Standard: IEC 60317-13

    3 612 Ft /kg
    Net price: 2 844,00 Ft + VAT/kg
    kg = -
    Hozzákapcsolt termék: Betét díjas orsó
    Minden megkezdett 20 kg-onként 1 db íródik a rendeléshez.

    The enamelled wire is possessing with polyester - imid based varnish insulation or polyamid - imid skin. Accordingly it has outstanding heat resistance. Thanks the good mechanical chargeable it can be used in extremly wide heat territory. The wire can be used electrical machines, generators, transformers, etc. winding.

    We dealing the wires on deposit fee plastic bobbins.

    The price of the deposit fee bobbins: 1.200 Ft + Vat ( Type: Din200, Din 250 )

    Deposit fee bobbins taking back : 1.000 Ft + Vat ( Type: Din200, Din 250 )

    The delivering of the bobbins back it doesn't mean more charge for customers.

    The credit of the fee bobbins happens after sending back, it will be deduct after next order.