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    Enamelled copper wire solderable 0,28mm 1 laquer 180°C Standard: IEC 60317-20

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    4 049 Ft /kg
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    The enamelled wire is polyuretan based, fraughted 1 lacquerflex, circular cross - section copper wire.

    The enamelled wire is directly tinable from 390 degree.

    We are dealing the wires on deposit fee plastic bobbins.

    The price of the deposit fee bobbins: 1.200 Ft + Vat ( Type: Din200, Din 250 )

    Deposit fee bobbins taking back : 1.000 Ft + Vat ( Type: Din200, Din 250 )

    The delivering of the bobbins back it doesn't mean more charge for customers.

    The credit of the fee bobbins happens after sending back, it will be deduct after next order.